We want you to be excited about the lawn mowing service we provide to you so you can recommend Curbside Lawn & Landscape to your friends, family, and neighbors.  

We want to service your property forever.

If our work is not excellent, we will re-do the item in question for FREE.

If you are still not happy, you wont owe us a penny.

Oh and there's more...

If we are not able to satisfy the item in question, we will literally pay the company of your choice to fix it.

Simple.  No hassle.  No problems.

That is our promise to you.

​Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction.

Services We Offer

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 At Curbside Lawn & Landscape our lawn mowing service is just the beginning 

What Do Our Customers Have To Say

Hedge Trimming

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Lawn Mowing Service

You Deserve Great Service Along With a Guarantee That is Unmatched For Miles Around!

Curbside Lawn & Landscape lawn mowing service caters exclusively to residential home owners, and we do it well.  With our customer focused attention we bring you a level of convenience and customer service that is just not found in other lawn services. 

There's a reason you see our trucks around town... Because our customers LOVE us.  Check us out on Google Reviews.  Check our Facebook page, and you'll see all the ways WE CAN BENEFIT YOU!



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Some Important Features and Benefits

  • Lawn Mowing Service - We mow with the correct size mowers, changing directions of the machine each service, trim/weedwhack around any obstacles, blade edge sidewalks driveways and patios, blow off any mess left behind. 
  • On time service! - Our standard schedule service runs from march to october with november and december adding leaf cleaning service.  All at one monthly price that never changes.
  • No long term landscape maintenance contracts! - We do an agreement which states what you will pay for the service we provide, so many people are stuck with sub par service providers and can't leave because of a contract, you can cancel at any time which means we must do an excellent job consistently so we can keep you on board.
  • A great lawn care price! - We have tried all different methods of service and prices over the years and have found a formula that works for the customer and Curbside as well.  All the expense trimming we have done for the company is directly passed on to the customer.  Meaning the less it costs us to operate the less we have to charge to stay in business.
  • Great customer experience with ease of payment! - We provide each customer with a price list of our services this way if you ever want that service performed both customer and Curbside know what the charges are up front nothing hidden at all.  You have the option to pay via check or credit card, and each customer can look at all transactions through our customer portal. 

Call Us: 732-733-6533